About Sawtelle

Music has accompanied Marcos Sotelo (aka SAWTELLE) throughout his life, including work at international record labels such as Capitol Records, Interscope & Nettwerk Music Group, unreleased recordings with Bruce Kulick (former KISS guitarist) and the foundation of Pasión Redonda, the only tribute band to Argentina’s #1 rock group Los Redonditos de Ricota based in the United States where he plays bass and through which he has gotten to meet Indio Solari, the original band’s leader, lead singer and ultimate Argentinean rock star himself at his own request. “All my life I lived for music, perhaps mostly behind a desk, yes, but the truth is that I don’t know how to do anything else,” says Marcos.

Through the years, Marcos has written songs for personal projects that fell by the wayside (until now), and that with the help of musician and producer Sebastián Bereciartúa (Viticus, Muro) have decided to immortalize them permanently in an EP entitled ‘ SAWTELLE ‘. Regarding the project’s title, Marcos says that Sawtelle is a street and also a neighborhood in Los Angeles. At the time I thought it sounded similar to my last name in English and I adopted it thinking that it described well the different chapters and cultures in my life. The project is also the result of the union of all the musicians who participate in it, so it seems fair to baptize it with a name that can in turn encompass us all .”

“Alright” is the first single from an EP to be released later that will include five songs, three in English and two in Spanish featuring a sound that captures the vibe of classic rock bands from the early 80s while also maintaining a current feel. Sebastian Bereciartúa (along with whom Marcos also produced in 2019 the arrival of the Australian folk musician Stu Larsen to Argentina) is in charge of the board in the role of artistic producer while also acting as recording engineer, guitarist and singer. The tracks also feature several friends and/or musical partners who have participated over the years in occasional sonic adventures with Marcos such as Emanuel Saez (Tamboor, Fundamentalistas Del Aire Acondicionado) and Fer Pita (Heroicos Sobrevivientes) on vocals, Pelusa Suffloni (Doble Fuerza, Narigones, MAD) on guitars, Pucho Ledesma (Blues Motel) on drums and the members of Pasión Redonda (Juan Manuel Ospital, Nicolas Ruvinsky and Charlie Altamirano) among others.

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